Custom Cargo designs?

The AIR TRAILER ™ is a very flexible cargo lift and transport vehicle that can be any aerodynamically stable shape, from an open cargo frame with a rotor system, to a shipping container lifting system for 10 ton 20 foot ISO containers. The AIRTRAILER ™.

The rotor systems will be of different sizes depending on the weight being towed.


How is it retrieved?

Retrieval options vary.  The AirTrailer is handled differently depending on the operation. If the towing aircraft can land, the AirTrailer can be reattached and flown back to base. If the towing aircraft cannot land, the AirTrailer can be disassembled and carted or trucked out over time. The AirTrailer if equipped for Jump Takeoff it can also be “hooked” by a passing aircraft to .

UAS towed AIRTRAILERs ™   remains attached to the towing UAS for the entire mission. It can be released at anytime, but typically it returns to the base of operations and is released prior to the UAS landing.


What kind of cargo Can it carry?

The AirTrailer can carry any type of bulk cargo or hazardous cargo such as fuel, and or other sensitive materials. 


What regulations does this fall under?

AirTrailer is not an Unmanned Aircraft and will be regulated under the “Towed Banner”regulation 14 CFR Section 91.311.


How stable is it?

Gyroplanes are very stable, if the towing aircraft can takeoff , the AirTrailer can takeoff with it and land safely even when the towing aircraft cannot land. The AirTrailer is an all weather vehicle.


What is needed for takeoff?

The AirTrailer gains it's thrust from the towing manned or Unmanned aircraft. The onboard power is just a battery to initiate pre-rotation of the rotor system to assist in takeoff.
The AirTrailer is always released in flight, will go into auto-rotation and set up for landing.


is this a certified Aircraft?

The FAA, it has been determined the AirTrailer is not an aircraft nor an Unmanned Aircraft and would be regulated under the “Towed Banner” regulation 14 CFR Section 91.311.